Affiliate Marketing Glossary

  • png (Portable Network Graphic)
    Uncompressed image format similar to .gifs but without the data limitations. Commonly used for web graphics and can be saved with transparent background.
  • pixel 1x1
    A tiny, transparent graphic that is placed with each link as a means of tracking link performance. The 1x1 pixel is used to track impressions and is one of two tracking methods used by CJ. See also tracking method, conversion tag and batch.
  • Pay Per Call
    CJ product that provides advertisers a simple way to use unique, trackable phone numbers in all forms of media to attribute sales and leads across various channels.
  • pay-per-click
    Used to describe a pay-per-click programme. See cost-per-click. 
  • pay-per-lead
    Commission method in which a publisher is paid when an online registration, membership, or subscription is filled out and submitted to an advertiser by a publisher-referred visitor.
  • pay-per-sale
    Commission method in which a publisher is paid when a product or service is purchased on an advertiser’s site by a publisher-referred visitor. 
  • pay-for-performance marketing
    A programme in which commissions for marketing services are earned based on performance. Refers to all of the types of performance-based marketing solutions offered by CJ, including affiliate marketing and search marketing.
  • performance incentive (PI)
    Additional performance-based rewards offered by advertisers to top publishers, paid as a bonus two months after the month the transactions were generated. There are three types of PI's: total sales, total commissions, and number of actions.
  • PID (publisher website ID)
    Unique tag parameter that is paired with a website ID (the identifier of the publisher’s website from which the action is referred).
  • placement
    In search engine marketing, a listing becomes a placement when it is submitted to a specific search engine. One listing may become multiple placements, depending on how many search engines receive it. In addition to the listing information, a placement also includes a bid amount and may include other information specific to each search engine.
  • pop-up
    A smaller browser window or message area that appears in front of the main browser window.
  • pop-under
    A smaller browser window or message area that appears behind the main browser window.
  • product catalogue
    CJ link type. A product catalogue is a tool that CJ offers to advertisers that enables them to provide their publishers with a full catalogue of all their product links in one automated file. The product catalogue also offers advertisers a way to easily load in links for all their products through one feed instead of manually adding and changing links in the CJ Account Manager interface. 
  • product reporting
    Ability to view the SKU’s and product details for items included in individual sales within commission detail reports in CJ Account Manager. Additional performance reporting options allow advertisers to view the sale performance of specific SKUs and the items sold by publisher, publisher group and website. Available with advanced conversion tracking integration only.
  • profile targeting
    Process of targeting consumers based on key characteristics of their profile.
  • programme category
    The primary category selected to represent an advertiser’s programme to publishers.
  • programme information page
    Page in CJ Account Manager that describes an advertiser’s programme.
  • programme listing option
    A set of special formatting and treatment options (logo, bold, billboard) that can be applied to an advertiser name in the CJ Account Manager publisher interface for a fee. The result of these listings is increased exposure of the advertiser's programme to publishers.
  • programme status
    Area in CJ Account Manager that displays an advertiser’s account balance and number of publishers who have joined to their programme.
  • programme terms
    The agreement and relationship between an advertiser and a publisher, including commission rates, programme terms, search and marketing policies, and any bonus incentives.
  • promotion, promotion link
    Option that allows an advertiser to flag their link as a special, time-based promotional link. Flagging a link with a promotion type is how that link gets included in a promotional data feed for publishers.
  • publisher
    The owner of a website that chooses to display or promote an advertiser's products or services. Publishers agree to place ads on their websites or promote an advertiser's offers via search or other means authorised by the advertiser. In return, publishers can earn commissions, which vary by advertiser, on click-throughs, leads, or purchases made through the links on their websites. 
  • publisher accept/decline method
    Rules advertisers can apply to streamline the publisher approval process. Methods include: auto approve (by country, network rank and publisher category), auto decline, and manually approve.
  • publisher advisory board (PAB)
    A group of notable established publishers from within the CJ Network who serve as the voice of their community. CJ obtains feedback from the PAB regarding successes, opportunities and enhancements.
  • publisher commissions
    Broad term defining any money earned by a CJ publisher.
  • publisher fraud
    Fraudulent behaviour by publishers to increase sales or skew numbers. Publisher fraud is covered by the publisher Service Agreement (PSA) and Code of Conduct (COC).
  • publisher group
    Option that allows an advertiser to make a link available to only a select group or groups of their publishers vs. all publishers (the default setting). Keep in mind that if a link is created for a specific group or groups these setting cannot be changed by editing the link-with the exception advertisers can make the link available to all publisher groups.
  • publisher service agreement (PSA)
    Contract all CJ publishers must agree to when signing up.